Sunday, July 27, 2008

What a training day yesterday was:

I teamed up with Jayde (swimmer) and Aunt Ramona (runner) and did a Team Triathlon, my foot is still killing me so team evens are better at this point. I have to tell myself my "A" race is Ironman WI...

The swim was very waive and this was Jayde's first triathlon she did awesome she came out of the water and looked great, I waited for her as she came up the hill, we exchanged the chip and I was off the bike course is really flat it was an all out sprint my heart rate got up to 194 wowza but then I came up on my sister Bethanne slowed down to tell her "Sunshine you are looking great keep it up". My Mom and Step Dad were on the course I caught them out the corner of my eye and waived, that was awesome. I was trying to keep my MPH at 22 and up but then there were 2 vehicles in my way they wouldn't pass anyone so that was it I passed them, no crud the lady in the van came up to me and said something like " you can't be passing a vehicle"- I was thinking "whatever Sunshine" Came in Aunt Ramona came running to me she took the timing chip put it on and she was off, Jayde and I went to the finish line and waited for her to come in we wanted to run across the finish line with her. Then all the sudden here she comes we ran with her in and she did awesome too. It was so fun! We took first place in the Team Event.

Then Ron, I and Tracie want to Madison we met Jim there we were going to ride the bike course well 70 miles. This was the first time since completing IronMan Wisconsin 2006 that I have been on the bike course. Again we planned on doing 1 loop. I love the bike course (outside of the ride from Verona to Mt. Horeb) with all the ups and downs -- keeps it interesting and you are always changing gears, going in and out of the aero bars, etc. Regarding my aero bars, last year I remember forcing myself to stay in the aero position on the bike as much as I could. It just didn't feel comfortable all the time and actually caused me some neck and shoulder pain from time to time. I had Dan from River Trails change my bike positioning and my aero bars just to see if that would take some of the pain out of my neck and make it more comfortable for me and it worked great, I didn't feel that much in my neck as I did last year and My shoulder's weren't to bad until today. But you do so much better and faster in an aero position I have to add it's so much more efficient. This year I haven't road over 112 miles but I feel great and confident.
It was a fun and long day!

I love this quote!
"You can quit, and no one will care if you do. But you will always know."
~John Collins, Ironman founder~