Tuesday, September 30, 2008

This was in the La Crosse Tribune it's funny they talk about the drunk and stupid at the Oktoberfest and then read the worth Mentioning! "Drunks and Fitness funny"!

Dan Springer: Drunk and stupid is a nasty combinationBy Dan Springer dspringer@lacrossetribune.com
.Drunken stupidity ran rampant this first weekend of Oktoberfest.Take, for example, the two college-age guys who decided to steal a manhole cover from the 800 block of Pine Street. A resident of the area who saw the pair struggling to lift the metal disk called police after seeing which direction they’d gone.While police stood guard to make sure no one fell into the open manhole, other officers paid the guys a visit.They confessed and apologized. “It was just drunken stupidity,” one told the officers.It also boggles the mind to see the number of people free on bond or probation who manage to do really stupid stuff in public that lands them back in jail.There’s the guy who caught an officer’s attention by relieving himself behind a vehicle ... during the Maple Leaf Parade.The cop later learned the guy was out on bond — with a no-drinking condition.In a similar incident, another fella was downtown with thousands of other festers when he, too, decided he had to empty his bladder but didn’t want to go inside, so he walked into the alley. Same outcome.I’ll grant you that if ever there was a time a person might get away withviolating a no-drinking condition, it would be Oktoberfest weekend, where it’s easy to blend into the crowd.That is, until you wander off alone and catch the eye of the hundreds of police officers and security personnel patrolling the area.The guy I did feel sorry for was a 22-year-old out on probation who was having a few beers at Saturday’s parade.Unfortunately, he looked young for his age, so an officer asked to see an ID.Now, he’s back in jail.

Worth Mentioning-I want to give a tip of the hat to the La Crosse Fire Department’s Combat Challenge Team — James Hillcoat, Jesse Walters, Blane Neher and Adam Markert — for finishing as the top Wisconsin team in the Midwest Regional Combat Challenge in Milwaukee earlier this month.The Challenge showcases firefighter fitness. Wearing full gear and a breathing apparatus, competitors go through a series of tasks that include climbing a five-story tower, hoisting, chopping, dragging hoses and rescuing a life-sized, 175-pound “victim” as they race against themselves, their opponent and the clock.The La Crosse team was seventh among 16 teams from throughout the Midwest. Individually, Hillcoat placed fifth among 121 competitors and broke the 1:40 mark for the first time, placing him in the Combat Challenge Lion’s Den.Congratulations to the team — the hard work paid off.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Lisa, Landen, Mariah and I took off after our Kickball event to the Bloomington MN. We knew we had to get a move on it packet pick up was ending at 4:00 and we were leaving at 1:35-45! Lisa is a fast driver ya know 75 -90 hehehe "just kidding" So were almost to Rochester MN and Lisa starts to slow down I'm thinking oh gosh she's getting pulled over but when I looked into the rear view mere I didn't see a cop but I heard Lisa say “we lost a bike”!!!! I thought we lost a bike what and holly %#$% ????? She pulls over we both jump out of the truck and there is my bike on the ground hanging from the bike rack with the Velcro straps on the wheels THANK GOD! I pick it up the seat is bad but good enough to sit on, the right break looks like it was melted down along with the handle bar! "WOWZA" we put it back up tighten everything down and we were off we get to the packet pick up with 8 min. to register that was close! When we get back to the hotel I take my bike off the rack thinking gosh the frame might be cracked or the wheels are going to be bent yada, yada, yada. I jumped on it and it was perfect well except the handle bar and the back break, so we get up to our room I called stairs to get some electrical tape to tape up that bar and break. I was feeling good with my new look of my bike whoooohooo lets rock!

Lisa and I get up at 5:00 am get a little something to eat! Were off – Lisa was under control she was looking great!

We get set up and run to the rest room about 9 times then it’s time to get in line. The duck sound goes off and my age group was off and running, I was feeling good I was trying to keep in control not to fast, not to slow I came into trans. took my long sleeve shirt off and jumped on my red and black extreme heheheee and I was off like a rocket I was feeling great, I wanted to do the bike in 106:00 or less, got off the bike on to the next run holy crud I was ready to puke my heart rate got up to high and I couldn’t get it under control I had to slow down as much has I could but not walk . Now it was I just wanted to finish not puke and get dizzy so that’s what I did.
I waited for Lisa here she comes strong as can be looking great she comes across the finish line with a huge smile.

I gave her a hug and said "Great job, that was awesome"! She finished another goal of her's GREAT JOB LISA!
Take a look at her site http://www.clearlylec.com/ she is an inspiration!

This Irongirl was so fun, I can't wait to do this again!

No. 227
Danniela Nichols
Run1 15:08
Tran 1:36
Bike 1:03:55
Tran 1:15
Run2 17:21
Time 1:39:15

Tuesday, September 16, 2008



If you can't watch it just listen "Anything is possible when you put your mind to it"

This is funny!

My Brother Ray called me tonight talked to me about Ironman and how I'm feeling I told him Wonderful. Then he proceeded to ask me if I was feeling so good if I wanted to play kickball this weekend at 9:00 am (I guess a girl on their team couldn't play this Saturday so they need a sub.) I told him I would play only if he ran the race with me on Saturday that takes place at 8:00am he asked me "how far is it” and I said 1 mile but as we were talking a little more I said ok I can't lie it's 2.1 miles, I told him I think we can pull off a 7:00 or less min. mile so we can get to the game on time; he said do you want to kill me? But then he said "wait" "I can do that"! "I'm in" Note: My bother hasn't ran for years I mean years 3.1 miles is going to make him want to pick up running again. hehehee
I signed him and myself up, but soon he is going to notice it's a 3.1 mile run (I hope not until we get there) poor little brother Ray is going to sprint like a rocket for 3.1 miles because we need to get to the game on time this is going to be fun!
"Man I love it"! "and I mean that in a nice positive way"!

Slice of Life 5k in Lacrescent

Ironman WI September 07, 2008

This Ironman is going to be my 5th and I was going to put in as much as I could because I was doing it for my Great Uncle Todd, he had trained so hard to do this Ironman however, one day in his training rides he hit a deer “yep” you read that right he hit a deer on his bike so he was out no Ironman WI 2008. I didn’t tell him I was going to dedicate this race to him until I went across the finish line this is where he was working with my Aunt Ramona. He was going to find out with a shirt that read Number 5 is for the Great Uncle Todd! http://spandexking.blogspot.com/

Off to my experience.

Went to bed at about 8:30 pm Saturday night, woke up at 3:30 am ate some waffles, yogurt put some goodies ready for Blane and Landen they were going to be watching the event all day long.
We left the house about 5:00 am the roads were crazy already! We found a parking spot thank gosh, as I was grabbing my bags in the trunk of my car I all the sudden got this “oh my gosh your going to finish your 5th Ironman” it looks like it’s going to be a great day! Wait I though to myself it is going to be a great, wonderful fantastic day!. Butterflies started in my tummy I just kept thinking keep it together Sunshine! Just like I tell all my clients stay in control and relaxed.

My Mom and Step dad Bob were waiting there for us; they have been to 3 of my Ironman’s in WI. a long with my Great Uncle Todd and Aunt Ramona they been to the really, really HOT Ionman, The cold/rainy Ironman, and now the perfect weather one. It’s so very awesome to see your family and friends all over the course. Thanks Mom, Bob, G.U.T, Aunt Ramona Arne, Shannon and my wonderful Gramparents Bob and Ruth for taking the time out for me and watching me all day long! You will never know how much I appreciate your support!!

Ok back to it!
I put my bags where they needed to go, then on my way to my bike again for the 4th time everything looked great! Brand new spanking tires never been ridden on “OOPS” I forgot to do that”, tire pressure 118. I found some of my friends gave tons of hugs and good lucks, found Ron he had my wet suit it was time to jump into it meaning my wet suit… Tracie found me when we were walking down the ramp, it was so cool last time we were in Madison we went into the water together and again this year we did the same. We got out to the far end I went up front I love the craziness you can’t think of anything except swim and don’t stop even if you are run over, hit, punched kicked, yada, yada, yada! This time it was craziness the whole 2 miles “man oh man” that was fun you couldn’t stop unless you were ready to get run over!
I looked at my watch and it was 1:11 my fastest swim ever but then it took forever to get out of the water and across the mat, I ran up pointed at this guy and he grabbed a hold of my wet suit and pulled from the top however he didn’t know he had one of my straps to my suit he stopped thank gosh, I got it off the top sat down and my wet suit was off I seconds and my swim suit was still on whooohoo; up the ramp I go I ran all the way gave some friends hi fives and in the changing room I went changed and out I went. Off to the bathroom I didn’t walk in on anyone this time (Last time a man was in one going to the bathroom and he didn’t lock the door and I was in the stall with him) ran to my bike saw Blane “go babe’s go”, again saw Landen he yells “love you mom, go mom go” and my parents yelling “keep it up Danni”. Down the ramp I went that was awesome. Keeping it together and trying not to go off like a rocket and kept it nice and slow my heart rate was still 178-180 so I knew I had to relax or I wouldn’t be going any where fast! My bike ride was awesome the first loop, I seen so many friends and family all over screaming my name or go Sunshine go! When I got to the second loop the winds picked up I was right on with my nutrition however, I started to cramp up really, really bad I was changing positions on my bike so I would use different parts of my quads and at one point I had to keep moving because if I didn’t they could cramp. I was climbing one hill and my chain fell off holly crud it was amazing how that felt to get off your bike and back on it. I kept a positive mind and didn’t let anything get to me even when I was going 11 to 12 mph because of the winds. POSITIVE THINKING! Back to the helix I road as hard as I could up it people were screaming it was awesome I was off my bike.

On to the run! OUCH- my foot hurt so bad I have a stress fracture in it and I knew it was only going to get worse, I started running my first mile was 9:48 but then I had to bring it to run two min walk two, that wasn’t working I had to run one and walk one, this went on forever it felt, then all the sudden I seen some of my clients and friends running the race they were doing awesome! I kept a steady pace! As I tell everyone “keep the pace and you will stay in the race”. When I was coming up to the 13 mile there was my Aunt Ramona telling me you look great keep it up, then I came around the corner there was Landen, Blane, my mom and dad and more friends and family it was awesome! I grabbed my get my special needs bag and I was off again. I went Blane met be about 100 yards down he hands me the biggest Cheeseburger ever, yep you got it a Cheeseburger so here I am running and eating a Cheeseburger people couldn’t believe it, “ Is that a Cheeseburger your eating” they asked my response was yes it is and it is so very, very good. As most of you know I don’t eat Cheeseburgers ever!

Still dealing with the pain in my foot and my Achilles tendons - but I kept thinking it’s nothing like the pain my uncle went through. I started picking it up at mile 19 Blane was there to give me hug and a kiss “baby you are looking great, now kick some butt” I’ll see you at the finish line, so I picked it up again still at mile 19 I had to keep in control and not push it to hard; I wanted to get as close to 13:00 hour as I could, as I was coming around to the finish I could hear Mike say “if you want to break that 13:00:00 you better pick it up” I just couldn’t I had to keep in control, I looked a head there was Landen waiting for me he looked like he was ready to sprint again to the finish so I waved at him he came running out grabbed my hand and he sprinted and I mean sprinted in with me, we made it right at 13:00 hours man that was an awesome experience again!!!!! I grabbed the shirt I had around my waist for the race put it on and again it said number 5 is four the Great Uncle Todd, his look on his face was priceless I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way! It was AWESOME!

Thanks to all my friends and family especially to those who have been there for me for all my events it’s a long day for us but even a longer day for my family and friends!

Sure Love all of you “Sunshine’s”!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Swim time- 1:15:08
Bike Time 6:24:38 Run Time: 5:06:47

Total Time: 13:00:15
More to come!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

GO Steve GO!

ARE YOU NUTS?? 2 Ironman Triathlons in 1 Week??

As you may have already heard on TV, radio, the internet, or in print (WGN, Endurance Planet.com, Q101, Chicago Tribune, Windy City Sports, etc.) this week I am in the middle of completing 2 Ironman Triathlons in 1 week to raise awareness for a very rare and deadly bone marrow disease my wife is in remission from, Aplastic Anemia.

As I’m sure you know; an Ironman Triathlon is a grueling 140.6 mile race that includes 2.4 miles of swimming, 112 miles of cycling, and 26.2 miles of running. I just completed Ironman Louisville on August 31st and will race in Madison this weekend at Ironman Wisconsin , September 7.

Everyone is asking for donations these days. Why should you contribute to this? Because all I’m asking is for just $5.00! I am shamelessly begging you to PLEASE donate, no matter how big or small the amount. Every little bit really does count. I get NO BENEFIT from raising THIS money…no free wetsuit, no free airline ticket, no prizeS…NOTHING! I’m doing this simply to raise money for medical research, period.

I’ve done all the training, all you need to do is click and donate. Event if it’s only $5.00, PLEASE donate. Rare diseases need so much support as they have very little resources.
If you’ve already donated, consider donating again. I’m doing the race twice!

To donate just click on the “DONATE” button here:


Thanks for taking a second to contribute!

(If you want to see how the races went, you can go to www.2foraa.blogspot.com)

Some good info. for Ironman

Subject: Training & Ironman tid bits>>>

Well, I can imagine the growing excitement that is beginning to manifest itself as we get into Ironman week. I've already had some calls and e-mails with questions, and encourage more as you make your final preparations before you head down to Madison . A few items to share with you from my experience that may give you some thoughts to consider:

>>1. The long range forecast looks to be great for race day. Watch it daily, as it can and will change!!! 2004 forecast was for the upper 70's, and it got to 90!!! The moral of the story is to
pack for both warm and cold. Toe warmers and arm warmers for the bike are good ideas just in case. And some warm clothes for the pre race during body marking and waiting for the start, again just in case. The low 50's can get you pretty chilled after a couple hours.

>>2. Don't forget reflective tape for your shoes, jersey, and shorts for the run.

>>3. This week’s diet should take on more complex carbos and protein. Fish and Chicken work great, along with the standards like noodles, potatoes, rice, veggies, fruits, bagels, etc. Approx. 75% of your diet should be in the carbohydrate range, and don't worry about the extra pounds that you will put on. They will come in handy on race day, believe me!!!! Hydration is key even if the weather looks cool. Stay well hydrated leading up to race day. Rehearse over and over again, your race day strategy for nutrition and hydration.

>>4. Don't get caught up in the hype in Madison . Get plenty of rest during all the activities that will be going on.

Info. Provided by a friend..
Sunday's Ironman Number is 2118. I can't wait!

Cancer Survivors Turn Ironman Competitors

Reported by Mark McPherson

Friday night CBS is airing a fundraising event called Stand Up To Cancer to raise money for cancer research. And all this week we are brining you stories of local cancer survivors.

This is the story of 5 cancer survivors who have beaten the disease and are now taking on one of sports most grueling competitions.
They start before the sun comes up, training for one of the most excruciating races the world has to offer. They are preparing for the Wisconsin Ironman race, a 2.5 mile swim, 112 mile bike, and a 26.2 mile run. "It's a test of your body, your mind, everything," said Jim Conner, an Ironman competitor. "It's a fun experience, swimming, biking, and running 140.6, is a huge accomplishment," said Ironman Coach Danniela Nichols, "why do people do the Ironman? I think to push themselves to the limit to see how far they can push themselves."
When you are looking at a 140 miles 'pushing yourself' may seem like an understatement, but for some of these athletes it's become a necessary way of life. That's because in the group 5 are cancer survivors including Nichols whose survived it twice. "I had cancer when I was 21-years-old," said Nichols, "I had cervical cancer then and overcame that, and then in 2005 I had thyroid cancer."
Today this single mom has competed in 5 ironman races and now coaches other athletes. For these survivors, competing in the ironman is just another step on their journey to get better. "Even though you have a type of disease or a body situation or anything like that you just try to overcome that and focus on your goals," said Nichols. "This is one day that I have to go through of whatever pain it is and exhaustion and frustration and being upset," said competitor and cancer survivor Michelle Lamore, "and if I can deal with one day, really that's nothing compared to what I went through."
Being able to look back on what they've survived keeps them confident they can achievce what lay ahead, and makes them appreciate what they have. "Especially the little things," said Lamore, "you know now being able to even walk up the stairs, that was a huge thing, now I look at myself and I'm swimming across the lake."
The Wisconsin Ironman race takes place Sunday, September 7th at Lake Monona in Madison. The Stand Up To Cancer event airs Friday, September 5th on NewsChannel 8 at 7:00 p.m.