Thursday, September 28, 2006

Oktoberfest 2006

It's here Drunkfest "Oops" I mean Oktoberfest in LaCrosse! LaCrosse has always been known for its beer and along with that comes Oktoberfest. It all kicks off tomorrow with the tapping of the golden keg and then on Saturday there are a couple races the first one starts at 12:00 am this race is to try and get the best spots for the HUGE parade that goes on all day Saturday and yea you read that right people get up at 12:00 am to get there spots for a parade??? Sometimes they sleep out there, because people will move there blankets and stuff. Then at 7:00 the other races start these are running races there is a 3 mile, 5 mile, half marathon and a kids run after the race. It's funny while you are running there are Yahoo's Drunks on the side of the road yelling for you to go, keep it up, your doing great they have no idea "In a nice way"! They along will a ton of other people will be out there until 3:00 pm for this parade. "WOWZA"! This Oktoberfest will go on all weekend with tons of stuff for everyone. This Oktoberfest ends with a torch light parade, and thanks gosh no one sits out for this one.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Changing things up just a little!

I'm thinking about doing Duathlon National Championships Next year!

Monday, September 25, 2006

Ironman Florida here we come!

Ok I think we have made our decision it's going to be Ironman Florida 2007 now we just all have to get to the first part of the race done which is getting entered when it opens. Jim, Steve, Ron, Tracy, Taylor, and myself will be at a computers that day our fingers will be on the enter key and I hope we all get a conformation number.
I have to talk my uncle Todd about this he needs to do this with us. Todd is a Fantastic Athlete and this would be the icing on the cake. Todd was training for Ironman WI this year and unfortunately he couldn't compete with us do to a neck injury however, he will be better by next November so it's time to Ironman kick butt; plus it would be great to race with him and watch him come across that finish line and hear Todd Dale you are an Ironman! Check out his site:
We will be riding down together, staying together and having great day of racing. Whooohooo I can't wait! Darn we have to wait on training.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

I am an Irongirl!

This is a great race!
Was out of bed at 2:30 am and ready to roll at 3:00 am, Chad met Tyler and I at my house, and we were off by 3:15 am. On our way to Bloomington MN we had some fun stuff happen. The biggest thing is when we hit a dead skunk; wowza did that stink not only for the ride there but for the ride back. My advice to everyone is not to get skunk juice on your car!!

At the race: We got there about 5:30, it was still dark I had to get my race packet, get everything organized, and get my bike racked/ready to roll. I did have to make my good luck call to my mom whom I’ve called for the past 3 years before every race; no matter what time it is I call her. Fast forward to 7:30, at the race start there were 600 participants-- wow that was way cool. I started 3 rows behind. I will not do that again!! I'm usually a front line starter however, I didn’t this time for some reason, so when the gun went off I got caught up behind slower people thus I had to hop around them when I had the chance. My first run went really well. I did back it off just a tad because I thought I have the bike, and then run again. My Achilles were just a little bit hurting-- just a little! I came in at 14:40 then I took way tooooo long in the transition. My glasses got fogged over and I couldn't see my cycling shoes “duh”! I finally put them in my cycling jersey thinking I will put them on when I have the chance then I was off.

The bike course was a 2 loop course, so I wanted to see how the first loop was because I was a Yahoo and didn't drive it prior to the race. I would recommend this to everyone, but we just didn’t have a chance this time. So I took it easy and watched where the turns and railroad tracks were at. I let some women stay up with me but watched them closely "not that I'm competitive or anything"! So come up to the 2nd loop and I hear “Danni great bike time” from Chad, then I hear go Danni go? Who was this? I don’t know yet. It wasn’t Tyler as he was a sleep in the car, however it was go time! I didn't play around, I didn't back it off, I did talk to the women whom needed encouragement saying things like "Keep it up your doing great”, “great job”. I played cat and mouse with one lady for about 5 miles then that was enough I was off! I was feeling great!

Getting back into the transition was a wonderful sight, I very happy to see only 11 bikes racked; “wow” that was a great feeling, I was in 12th place. I got off my bike, put my running shoes on, and wowza, ouch, I felt in both of my Achilles as they were on fire and then my right IT band started to act up about mile 1 this really slowed me down BIG TIME! Seven women passed me, yea I was counting. I just couldn't go as they hurt so bad. When I finished Chad was there waiting for me telling me I tore it up! I thought man oh man seven women passed me I didn’t tare it up…

When we went to look at the results come to find out I was 8th in my age group so most of those seven women were in my age group. “So that’s it” Time to work on the run.
When is the next Duathlon? I’m going to be ready to run!

I have to admit this was fun race and it is really, really different then a triathlon. Other then the obvious, water and land, you work have to work your legs a ton more, and to me this is bigger challenge.

Photo's of Irongirl

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Landen and I at a Cross Country Meet

Landen and I went to watch Steve's daughter at her cross country meet, she did great she stayed on course unlike her dad at Ironman.
Great Job!

Sick no more, time to fight it!

Today I was waken with a loud knock on my door it was Steve. "Good Morning Sunshine" he said I just wanted to see how you are feeling? Again the past few days I have been really sick in bed puking, aching all over, headache, stomach ache and dizziness that's it!
I'm feeling a lot better today, a little yuckie but it's time to fight it, so I thought I'm going to go to spinning which started at 8:00 and then run a hard 3 miles "This is to sweat out all the sickness"! I made it! I feel great so far so good however, I haven't ate anything yet so we will see.
Landen went to the pool while I took class and ran, he works on his swimming to see how many laps he can do. Landen said he did 10 that's down and back = 1 whooohooo, he's going to be my little triathlete! He is for sure like his mom!

Tips for getting race ready!

Go to transition and watch how fast they get on and off their bikes!


Friday, September 22, 2006

Lets go to Japan

This would be a fun start! Other then Japan where else do they start like this?
How do they keep their goggles on so good? Mine would come flying off once I hit the water! Even if they were under my Swim cap.

My Trek Extreme

I love this bike, it's been through 2- Ironman's, 4 -1/2 Ironman's, 19- Sprint and International Triathlons, and lots, lots, and lots of bike rides with close friends and myself. I have spent a lot of time on this bike and I love it.
I haven't been on it since the Ironman. However, I will be on it on Sunday Kicking some butt at the Iron Girl Duathlon that's if I'm feeling better. I've been sick the past 2 days "Yeah" that stinks. I'm not one whom lays around the house, or stays inside for long periods of time. This sucks I hate feeling like this!

Inside Ironman newsletter

Something else to read, lots of information with Ironman, Training, Peter Reid and also check out page 2 see who's on it!

This site is great! Find a running race in your area.

Question for you!

How do you define Endurance?

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Carl, Tracy,Tyer, Steve, Danni, Jason, Tracy, and Katie on the front of Triathlete Magazine. This will be when we all go to the Hawaii Ironman.

Monday, September 18, 2006

I week 1 Day after Ironman

Time for Recovery to be over!

I started running again today, I ran with some of my crazy friends that get up in the morning at 4:30 and start to run at 5:00 A.M no later. It was 47 degrees out "yea" that is cold for me, I hate the cold however, I have to get faster this year so suck it up and wear warm clothing. The only thing that hurt on me was my Achilles’ Tendons. We did a nice easy 3 miles and finished at 23:31 so that’s not too bad.
My weekly classes for the winter will be teaching 6 Spinning classes, 1-Total Body conditioning, 2 – Water classes and 2 Pilates classes. So I think I will be getting my exercise in. We will be running every Monday and Friday at the Lacrosse Y so if you would like to meet us again it’s at 5:00 AM and not 1 min. late. I think on Friday morning we will be running Granddad’s Bluff unless we have a race that weekend.
I will also be helping the Girls WACY Club out this winter. This club is for women only it helps them to get in shape to feel confident about them self’s so if you know any please send them my way.
"Living it up, Staying Strong, and Loving it" : )

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Up Coming Races

September 24th - Irongirl Duathlon Bloomington MN

September 30th - Maple Leaf 5 mile La Crosse WI

October 7th -Kickapoo River Canoe Race - Canoe 7- Bike 17 - run 3 Miles no site to this!

October 14th - CenturyTel WhistleStop Marathon & Half-marathon Ashland, WI USA

Ok this is not a race but it will be lots of fun with my boys!
October 21st - Taking My Boys to the Great Wolf Lodge in WI Dells. It's my first year Cancer Free!!

Anyone want to do this triathlon with me?

Tyler and I at Ironman

Tyler's talking about doing Ironman in 2008, I can't wait! Kicking his butt at Ironman is going to be great.

Jason watching and ready to run.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Ironman WI Friday Morning Swim

Taylor, Jason, Mark, Danny, Tracy, Danni, and Martha.

Still on my toes with a smile!

Channel 19 News

Watch the video here

Onalaska Woman Competes in Iron Man

Overcoming the OddsThis weekend 18 competitors from the Bluff Busters Tri Club in La Crosse will travel to Madison for the 'Ironman Wisconsin' competition. Among them will be an Onalaska resident competing in her second iron man. She's a survivor in every way.One year ago Danniela Nichols participated in her first Ironman competition. But after 2.4 miles in the water, 112 miles on the bike and a marathon run, Danni's fight was just starting."When I went to sign up I knew something was wrong. I was gaining weight and couldn't swallow my food as much during the competition of Ironman last year. So I decided to go to the doctor and found out I had cancer," Nichols says.Thyroid cancer required surgery to remove Danni's thyroid and two lymph nodes. Then cam radiation therapy and orders from her doctor to rest for six months. Danni only made it three."It was very hard. I walked from block to block, maybe a mile, was on my bike at the most 10 minutes without getting dizzy or sick or being sore. So it was very hard. But you keep yourself you can do it and you'll get there," Nichols says. Helping Danni get there is a close knit group of family and friends, people who've stood by her through everything. But Danni biggest inspiration is her two boys, 16-year old Tyler and 7-year old Landon."I love to show the boys you can set goals and you need to accomplish them and I always tell them put your mind to it and you can accomplish anything.""I'm 100% confident I will finish Ironman this year and I will finish it in a better time than I did last year. Last year's time was 14:05 and this year I'm going to get it underneath that, absolutely, 100%," says Nichols.

Ironman Teammates

There’s no other way to start this post than to congratulate the Ironman Wisconsin finishers:


1. Jeff Fleig: 10:28
2. Brian Huebner: 11:04
3. Maggie Fournier: 11:20 (According to the results, Maggie was 2nd in her age group,
this may mean that she qualified for Ironman Hawaii in 2007.
4. Jason Weber: 11:48
5. Bill Markwardrt: 11:59
6. Jim Keating: 13:30
7. Danniela Nichols: 13:32
8. Bobby Schmidt: 14:00
9. Karen Markwardt: 14:29
10. Taylor Haley: 14:47
11. Mark Thorn: 15:01
12. Ron Rasque: 16:04
13. Martha Burdick: 16:09
14. Steve Hendrikson: 16:27
15: Tracie Happel: 16:41

My Congrats go out to all who stuck with it in a challenging day! You are all truly deserving of the title IRONMAN!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

My Family

Step Dad Bob, Dad Ray, Step mom Karen, Mom Vickie, Mariea, Lee, Tyler, Aunt Ramona, Little Landen, Tammy, Jayde, Uncle Todd

Who's making signs?

Tyler (my son) and Andrea (Tracy's daughter) .

Hats for Ironman

Jason, Tracy, Ron, and I wearing our hats the night before Ironman. Thank Gosh we had them.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Here is my Best Friend Steve

He's thinking he should get a new wet suit to try and beat me in our 2.4 mile swim at Ironman WI. Yea you need more than that Steve!

2.4 Swim Start of 2006 Ironman WI.

Only 2484 people that's it!

Landen making a sign at Ironman WI.

Spectators at 2006 Ironman WI.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

First post

My new blog