Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Here I go... 5/7 weeks of training IMLOU

 I figured because my lower abdominals start to act up when I just ride 4 hours straight so I'll change it up and try this..."Leave your Mark workout!".warm up 15 miles, 5x10 min. hill climbs, 1 hour TT ride, 5x10 min. hill climbs and 1.5 hour progression run... Week 5 into my training IMLOU 
Nothing like your computer going out on ya.... Thank gosh for my Garmin... 
Warm up and 5 climbs 
Finished TT felt awesome ride, ride ride... 

Finished my ride over 4:50 hours I felt amazing went for a 30 min. Run and then sister called went and ran the bluff with her... Had to do the running planks star 

And the get the HELL Down.... 

Finished..... Sisters are priceless I can't wait to see her finish IRONMAN WI 2017 Dream come true! 

Looking forward IMLOU

Zoot is it!!

I have to say these Zoot cycling/running shorts are the "Best shorts ever!" Women if you ever have a hysterectomy or CC and you want to get back into cycling/running a little quicker then maybe normal 😜, I would HIGHLY recommend these... I tried a different pair today and NOPE they're NOT going to work without my brace on so these are it! Just had to share....#trainingironman #ironmanlouisville #hysterectomyrecovery #studiofitstrong #strongerthenyouthink #determinedathlete #cycingshorts #runningshorts #zoot #zoottriathlon #zootcycling

Back in the Endurance Pain Cave

I was working on anaerobic thresholds/power/heart rate zones and sweating my azzzzzzz off with legs on 🔥....😉☠ 
Thank gosh done!!

Nothing like a confidence builder! 5/7 weeks training IMLOU 2016

Woot, woot!! I was struggling to get past 10.5 miles since my surgery and today I did it and ran 14, "nothing like a confidence builder!!" #ironmanlouisville #training #running #ironmantraining #hysterectomyrecovery #impactstrong #nevergiveup

So very true!