Sunday, October 16, 2016

Race report!! 

First Thank you all for your support...πŸ’œ

I had set out a few huge goals for Ironman... 

1. Finishing Ironman only 13 weeks after having surgery 

2. PR or ER - on all my events

2007 Ironman times 

🏊Swim 1:15:51

T1- 6:36

🚴Bike 6:07:59


πŸ‘ŸRun 5:20:40 

Finish time... 12:58:51 


2016 Times 

🏊🏻Swim 1:06:47


🚴🏻Bike 5:51:32 

T2 -6:10

πŸ‘ŸRun- 4:49:36

Finishing Time 12:03:23 

Leading up to the Ironman I was so ready and excited I'm sure you could all tell... πŸ˜‰πŸ˜œ

The morning was perfect walked down to transition felt my tires (thank you Less) placed my water bottles in, and then checked my bags. Everything was perfect 

Found Les and his family in line to wait for our amazing swim to start, we were inline about an hour and a half before the start. Finally it was go time, I still didn't know what pair of goggles I was going to wear then, I had to go with the MP ones😜.. Dive off the dock and started swimmmmmmming, I felt amazing we swam to the last buoy as I was turning around the big red buoy, someone grabbed my leg pulled me under "WTF" I thought; then I got pissed so I stayed with him, he was a faster swimmer but there was no way I was going to let him go; I was going to give him a piece of my mind... so as we were coming into the finish I get kicked in the googles so hard the goggles stuck to my face harder... lol as we're coming on to the step there he is "I DID give him an ear full" and I was NOT nice about it... 😠

As we came out I laid down on the ground for the wetsuit volunteers to pull off my wetsuit I see Brett Favre I'm thinking NO way.... I grab my wetsuit and start running, as I ran into the tent NO volunteer was there to help me "OH NO" so I pored everything out and start getting dressed (wet) that took forever (I had to wear long sleeves try and warm up I was freezing my heart rate was way to low) so I couldn't skip out on anything......UUUGH! 

As I get on my bike I set my clock and I'm thinking get in before 6:07 (Hours) well first lope went awesome. I totally forgot how hilly the course was my second loop "oh crap" I get a flat tire NOoooooooooo! Ok off my bike start to take everything apart (telling myself stay in control, stay in control) I had so many riders ask me if I needed help that was soooo awesome! Back on "Thunder" my bike road awesome until the last big hill I changed gears to fast my chain falls off, jumped off the bike put it on clip in one side jump on start peddling. I remember telling myself don't look at your time until 100 miles. When I did I thought shooooot pick it up... oh yeah then the cramping started even more; I will say eating candy corn and opening salt tablets helped a ton. As I got off the bike thankfully an amazing volunteer came over and said can I help you?? "Heck yes please"... the best part the volunteer said do you want these shorts I said nope I need the "Fastpants" she laughed ok... I came running out the tent, all I kept thinking is get IPB my lower abs are on fire... IBP in run/walk like heck PR or ER... let's do this! 

First mile just get those legs back, mile two ok bathroom stop mile 3 ok "baby jog" walk your Achilles are sending you sweet "warning"... so that was the rest of the marathon on off with walking heal toe/jogging pushing it with what I could but in my mind thinking PR..PR. ☠️Not ERπŸ’‰ GO.GO....

When I was finishing I kept thinking keep it together don't get emotional, then I hear Landen Go Mom Go as he's running on the outside of the gated area... 

I watch the guys finish their race as I came in and I did my IRONMAN Sunshinestar the announcer said "WHAT is Danniela doing that's awesome!" Everyone else was like how do you have the energy to do that and get back up? I said that's my Ironman SunshineStar I've been waiting along time to that... πŸ˜‰☀️

Today I feel like a million bucks "I'm so ready to do another one that WAS SO FUN!" ☀️

"Bigger Goals Next Time!" πŸŠπŸ»πŸš΄πŸ»πŸ‘ŸπŸ’ͺ🏻☠️