Monday, September 27, 2010

Beginners Running Program
3 days a week on your off days cross train with the elliptical, biking, rowing and I would do some Pilates.

Week 1~2

Walk 4 min. ~ Jog 2 min. 5x

Week 3~4

Walk 3 min. ~ Jog 3 min. 5x

Week 5~6

walk 2 min. ~ Jog 4 min. 5x

Week 7~8

Two days this week do the
Walk 1 min. ~ Jog 5 min. 5x

Race day Run 30 min.
~Race weekend~

If you are struggling no worries we all do or did at some point~ just be positive and don't give up! If you have any questions please facebook or e-mail me. Have fun Endurance Divas/Endurance Dudes!