Sunday, November 30, 2008

Goals for 2009

Man oh man what to start!

1.Smart Ironman September 13, 2009 Training "I will go into detail with this later in the month".
2.Open a Pilates Studio
3.Be a wonderful mother and wonderful wife very positive all I mean all the time! Even on those
days I don't want to be "Wait" that's never!
4. Run as many events as I can (not for time just to see what I can do)
5. Improve on my swimming in the pool.
6. Drink over 70 ounces of water a day and watch my coffee
7 No Sugar! OK limit my sugar..
8.Take more nutrition classes subject not just athletes
9.Take or teach 4 Pilates classes a week.
10. Always tell myself that Ironman and training in general isn't number 1 my family is!
by Kevin Koskella
It seems that nearly everyone catches a cold or the flu between the months of December through February. Most people think this is just the way it has to be, and germs just randomly attack people. Well, this just isn’t true! There are many ways to avoid these annoying and often depressing illnesses. Follow these 5 suggestions and you will significantly reduce your chances of falling prey to one of these nasty attacks!
1. Avoid sugar. As difficult as this may seem in during the holidays, it’s the #1 reason people get sick! Sugar takes a big hit on your immune system, and opens you up to disease. If you absolutely cannot do without sweets for 6 weeks, pick and choose a few specific times when you allow yourself a dessert. The daily chocolate around the office will surely come back to haunt you!
2. Get enough sleep. If holiday demands are forcing you to cut down on sleep, you are also putting stress on your defense against germs. Winter is actually a time when you should plan to sleep a little more than usual, not try to get by with as little as possible.
3. Avoid Stuffing Yourself. Although it may be tempting to overeat during this time, this will cause your liver to have to work extra hard, and lead to you getting sick. Overeating any time is also a good way to gain extra weight, as your body stores some of what it can’t use as fat. Stick with smaller meals more often and don’t let others pressure you into eating too much “because it’s the holiday season.” Nibbling on appetizers for hours before a big meal can really do you in. Make sure you think about what you are eating and slow down on the alcohol!
4. Prioritize and Reduce Stress. Make sure you are prioritizing your work and daily activities so you don’t become overwhelmed and stressed out. Keeping unwanted stress away is a big factor in staying healthy. Take up yoga or meditation, or just reserve 20-30 minutes per day that’s “your time”- where you don’t have to do anything or be anywhere.
5. Cook with Coconut Oil. For many years coconut oil was the preferred oil for Americans, until the Canola industry spread false rumors about it, claiming that it was bad for your health. Recent studies have shown that in fact by not eating coconut oil we are missing out on nutrients that keep our immune systems strong. It is the only “good” form of saturated fat. To stay strong, have a couple of teaspoons every day, either in your cooking or as part of a smoothie (or straight as I sometimes do!)
6. Aerobic Workouts. If you’re going to miss a workout, make it an anaerobic one. Stick with your walking, jogging, swimming, cycling. Anaerobic workouts like lifting weights, or doing sprints, put more stress on the body, and skipping these occasionally during this time of year can actually benefit your health. Perfect time to jump in the pool and practice stroke drills!

Sunday, November 09, 2008

This list is for Steve!

What can happen in 11 seconds??

01) 2 toenails can be trimmed in 11 seconds;
02) If you get a good spot in a small triathlon, you can go thru T-2 in 11 seconds;
03) You can eat a 2 pancakes in 11 seconds;
04) You can tie both shoes in 11 second;
05) You can surf TV channels all the way the top in 11 seconds;
06) The Packers can run 4 plays and kick a field goal in 11 seconds;
07) A diaper can be changed in 11 seconds (if the baby lies still);
08) You can travel 800' on a bicycle in 11 seconds;
09) If you hit the snooze alarm, you can fall asleep in 11 seconds;
10) You can get dressed and forget to put your underwear on in 11 seconds;
11) You can turn the wrong way and get lost in 11 seconds;
12) If you eat a greasy cheeseburger on Friday, you can do a power dump on Saturday in 11

13) If you run each mile of an 8 mile race just 1.4 seconds faster, you can beat the guy that

finished 11 seconds ahead of you
14) If you live in La Crosse WI you can bar hop in 11 seconds to each bar
15) You can give someone you don't know a hug in 11 seconds
16) You can Drink a beer and do a shot in 11 seconds
17) You can take a drink of water or Poweraid in 11 seconds in a race
18) You can pass some one on a bike in 11 seconds
19) You can rub someones feet for 11 seconds after they ran 8 miles
20) Leave a message on a phone in 11 seconds
21) Crash a bike and have an instant headache in 11 seconds
22) I can type an entry in 11 seconds
23) You can dance for 11 seconds and have a great time
24) You can dance on a bar for 11 seconds and have 2 shots (not me)
25) You can make coffee in 11 seconds
26) You can get mad at someone in 11 seconds
27) Put a garter on and and off in 11 seconds
28) Eat a ton of gummie bears in 11 seconds
29) P someone off in 11 seconds
30) Listen to the first 11 seconds of Crazy B and you know what that song is