Monday, June 29, 2009

Today I was asked if I'm still training for Ironman WI I said "yes I am" just at a much, much slower smarter (meaning because it's not just me) pace! The only thing that would hold me back from doing Ironman is the delivery of the baby.
I feel great, with my swim, my bike even if I haven't rode the 6 hours rides and the run~ I will run walk it and take it all in with my family, friends and I can't forget the people who are cheering you on the whole time.
I've finished 5 Ironman I know what to expect it's all in your mind ~ be positive the whole time no negitive thoughts otherwise I/you won't make it!

Yesterday durring that run I felt great, if I wasn't running with my sister I would have ran the 10k. I do have to say my back hurt like heck lastnight into the am I think it was my shoes :)!

Wowza it's been awhile ~I'm still here

Weight 176
Time left in Pregnancy ~3 weeks thank gosh babies room is all done we are so excited!

Training~ "oh yea" Running ~Finished a 5K yesterday with my sister Mariea she did awesome she only puked 1 time.....

Biking~on my trainer still in the garage so much fun!

Swimming~I was out at the lake a couple times but no pool work my skin has gotten so sensitive so no pool swimming.

Teaching my classes~ Last week was my last week teaching in the pool got to be to hot and Cycling my knees would go out to the side so no more of that! Pilates still teaching that I just don't do any of it!

However all in all I feel great! Despite the 50 pounds I put on, my toes looking like chicken nuggets, my rings don't fit anymore, my clothes are getting snug and I'm having a hard time not racing like I normally do.

SportyBands are doing awesome!

Off to teach Pilates I will have more for you later!