Saturday, April 21, 2012

12 week Transformation Challenge kick off today!

So today I decided to sign up for a 12 week Elite Ambition Transformation Challenge with I really have no idea what I'm doing quite yet (because I'm an Endurance Trainer) however, I will be following the Jamie Eason 12 week program and different supplements (more to come on this as I start and read as much as I can on supplements.)


 84 days to go

Weighed in at 136 with a tummy ache- and very blotted

Body fat% was 20  

Took photos today wowza!! 

Inches the same as March 31st 

Cardio for today was a ton! 1800 cal worth 

Nutrition: I'm going to do a 10 day blast and see how my body changes from that. 

Breakfast: Veggie omelette

snack: shake 20 almonds

Lunch: chicken salad with 2 egg whites

Snack: tuna with lots of cukes 

Dinner huge salad with chicken 2 tbsp of ff Italian dressing  

 Water intake:120+  Coffee intake 8oz Tea 1/2 cup

Supplements: 4 Fish oils, 2 Multi Vitamin, 3 Catalyst and 2 Bcaa  

 Sleep: not that much however, that would be normal... :)

 Feeling great now time for bed and read my Oxygen Magazine.