Monday, July 21, 2008

What is up with this!!!!
Ford Ironman USA Lake Placid Sold Out July 21, 2008
In keeping with the tradition set at Subaru Ironman Canada, the 11th edition of Ford Ironman USA Lake Placid, to be held July 26, 2009, has sold out on-site to general entry. There will be no online general entry for this event.Information regarding NAS Community Fund Spots will be available in the near future, please check or for details as they become available.
Our Next Ironman was going to be Ironman Lake Placid
My friends and I just tried registering for Ironman USA (Lake Placid) and it's sold out as you can read. "Man oh Man" what a disappointment... So next year we'll have to fly there and volunteer, stay over night and maybe we can get in line for 2010.