Monday, July 06, 2009

What do I eat for an Half Ironman?

What do I eat the night before my half Ironmans?
  • I try to eat around 5-6:00 I always have pasta with Marinara Sauce maybe with a bread stick now I don't have a kids size either I have an adult size. Later that night I have a Banana or an apple with Peanut butter on it. I will also have my Poweraid or Accelerade

That night just to stay hydrated. I will also take 2 ~02 gold
I get to bed about 9 or 10:00

What do I eat before a Half Ironman?

I get up about 3 to 4 hours before the race I will have an apple right away; I will do 1 of 3 things for breakfast:
1. Oatmeal, brown sugar with a yogurt
2. Pancakes with a ton of syrup I don't lax here I'm going to burn it off anyways
3. Waffle with some Strawberries and syrup oh I can’t forget the whip cream

I decide which one that morning it depends how I feel however, I know I am really nervous because it's race day but I make sure to eat one of these or I will not have enough energy for my whole race.....

What do I eat during my Half Ironman!

1 hour before the race I will take 2~o2 Gold

Swim~ I always have GU with water about 30 to 45 min. before

On my bike~ My bottles are filled with a carbohydrate Accelerade or Poweraid. The solution is not too strong. I found that if I mix it to strong I won’t drink enough and then I will have troubles, it is better to be too weak than too strong. This way you will drink all of it. I usually have 3 bottles on my bike.

The first few miles of the bike I typically will start consuming fluids and I eat a half a PowerBar then when I get to about mile 35 or so I will finish the other half. Between miles 1-35 I will take a GU along with some water from an aid station maybe a banana to it just depends how I feel. I will try to get water from all the aid stations until I run out of my own Poweraid or Accelerade. I do not do to much water otherwise I will have slushy belly. A few miles before the end of the bike section I will down another GU again with some water.

During the run~ I will have a half of a Powerbar one-third and two-thirds of the way through along with some water. I have also found that it is good to have different flavors of GU on race day. For some strange reason my taste buds get unpredictable during a race. A flavor that I will totally enjoy while training sometimes becomes repulsive on race day and vice versa. I don't understand it, but I prepare for it by having different flavors with me while racing. I also alternate among gels, sports drinks; water and cola can support the carbohydrates and fluid needs during the run. Alternating cola with water can help dilute the higher carbohydrate concentration of the former. The caffeine in the cola may also stimulate your central nervous system and improve your focus and concentration during the race

During the Bike and the Run ~I ALWAYS, ALWAYS HAVE GUMMIE BEARS :)

If I know it's going to be hot I always take two or more Endurolytes before bed this helps prevent cramps in my legs I will also have some on my bike I will take 1 ever hour depending how hot it is and how much I'm sweating.

Remember ~when your racing have fun live in the moment and don't I mean don't have any negative thoughts always be positive no matter what happens even if the weather is cold or really hot!