Tuesday, March 20, 2007

What a day!

Training has been great, I feel good with my base; however I needed to take 2 days off and that stinks!
Today I was support to ride my bike for an hour and a half but instead I almost couldn't’t make it through my spinning class, Last night I took my boys to Outback Stake House for supper, to make a long story short I asked for coffee and asked our waitress if they had flavored cream, she said yes. We placed our order and I was sipping on my coffee all the sudden I was getting light headed and feeling a little crappy, dizzy and just YUCKY! I couldn't figure it out, when we got our food served I asked the new waitress if I could get a new cup of coffee because this one I had didn’t taste right then I asked the BIG question “can I get some flavored cream with that” she said “we don’t have flavored cream” “Oh gosh I figured the coffee had alcohol in it” I knew I was getting sick to my stomach my nose was tingling and my body felt like crud!
To find out the cup of coffee had a ton of alcohol in it. I do not drink I get really, really sick.
Tyler and Landen had to pack up their food and we had to go I was getting sicker and sicker by the min. Tyler doesn’t have his drivers license yet and he had to drive his sick mom home; I puked in my truck down the hall of my house and I had my face in my toilet for 15 min. after we got home. I have never felt this bad for a long time.
Tyler had to help me put Landen to bed and I went to bed it sucked…

This morning my alarm went off at 4:15 am and I though OK I feel good however, I got out of bed and the room was spinning “oh gosh” here I go. I went to the gym praying a spinning instructor would be there to teach my class and I could go home but there wasn’t I had to teach “WOWZA” that was the longest 45 min. ever I couldn't take today off from Personal Training which that isn’t that bad because I don’t do that much, but I had to miss out of 3 of my other classes. That STINKS!

So anytime you go to a restaurant and you want a coffee make sure you put in your own flavored cream.. J

Time for some good sleep and wake up feeling great tomorrow.