Thursday, March 22, 2007

Thursday Training

Today was great Boot camp class was way fun lots of running, squatting, planks, push ups, Lungs, high knees and much much more. I love teaching that class! However, no one got sick :)

Training today is 1 hour bike and a 50 min. run and I feel great- I did 45 min bike outside and my run was outside, I do teach a running class tonight so I will go over a little on the run but that's how it goes.

OK I will tell you .. I did swim today, I was feeling great! I was thinking I couldn't swim on Tuesday because I was so very, very sick "again thanks to Outback", but then maybe I needed another day off But not that way!

Think about this the next time you work out:
"You never lose until you quit trying."
Mike Ditka