Sunday, March 11, 2007

24 Weeks to Ironman!

Ironman is going to be here in no time, today is my official first day of training!

I did my body weight, fat%, measurements, and all that jazz! I'm going to really, really watch my nutrition and stick to the plan "no over training, just smart training"!

I will be doing a base training of 8 weeks in this phase I will build my aerobic capacity with lots of workouts at moderate aerobic intensity, build endurance with long workouts on the weekends, and, secondarily, develop power and efficiency with stimuli including swim sprints sets, cycling power intervals, and running strides "I am a Forefoot runner so this will be my BIGGEST CHALLENGE however I love challenges! :)"

My first day was Swimming:
400 easy
12 x 25 drills 10 sec rest
7 x 100 mod inten. 5 sec rest
12 x 25 kick only that would be with the kick board 15 sec rest
400 easy - I did do some intervals training my son Landen he was swimming with me, Landen wanted to race me across the pool, so we did that every other lap he had his fins on he's my little swimmer and soon to be my little Triathlete.

Landen can do 10 laps in the pool it's so cool to watch him grow.

"Life is short, Live everyday like it's your last, and love every min you can"