Friday, March 23, 2007

It was 61 out today, I had to get out and ride; so I got the big dog out "The Extreme" - this is my Trek Madone 5.9 I just love this bike. I rode for a hour and 25 min. and did some small sprints "ok" big sprints up hills this felt great! Then I rode down one of the hills at 57 mph..... I know that was way to fast, really fun and really dangerous but I don't think about it until I'm done.

I do have to add, my legs were on fire from my boot camp class Thursday "WOWZA"

Swimming was really fun I had to work with 2 people in the pool and then it was my turn. I swam

400 warm up
12 x 25 drills
6 x 150 - adds that is 50 slow, 50 med 50 fast
12 x 25 kicks
and 450 cool down

I did have to use my fins for most of it I only have so much time.. Like everyone else

Have a great night!

6:00 am some people are running from the YMCA Onalaska tomorrow if anyone would like to join us!