Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Yesterday posting about my decision on doing a Bikini Competition was awesome and a downer too (well not really I'm not going to let them get to me life's to short for that.) I relieved so many pm messages, texts, and calls on my decision people wishing me luck, some saying "WHAT" no way YOU that's awesome, you got this girl, amazing positive messages... But then some people didn't like what I've decided to do, they look at it as sexually, flaunting my body, heels, your half naked, how are your boys going to feel? Would you like Elsie to do it?, don't bring yourself to that level..... yada yada! My messages back to them was...I look at it AS "an athlete that's "Beautiful", transforming, building Confidence and this is an extremely difficult event, I'm calling it an event because anything you have to work you butt off for over 4-16+ weeks it's an "Event" and this one is going to be a very difficult event for me in so many. 
I'm looking forward to this amazing event with or without people. 😉
Bring on the Athletic Bikini Beast Mode...👙👠