Thursday, July 30, 2009

Whoooohooo it's a Baby Boy!

Make a long story short! My Sisters favorite wards!

Saturday Blane and I went for a walk we made it about a mile ~then I had to stop and tell him we’ve got to go home I think my water is breaking so it was a slow walk home. When we got home I called one of my friends and she told me to go in, so we got our stuff together and went to Wal-Mart to get some bars because they weren’t going to let me eat anything at the hospital ~when we walked in I had to walk out more water was coming down my leg so it was for sure my water.

Getting to Gundersen Blane dropped me off at the door I must add that was the fastest ride to Gundersen ever Blane drove so fast it was funny! I walked in and said my water broke I was very calm however Blane walked in and it was “MY WIFES WATER HAS BROKE” it was funny they said is this his first I replied with yes J we got up stairs and it was going to be a long day we were there doing nothing but walking, rocking and sitting finally they started the big P word at 7:00 we weren’t going anywhere with contractions from 7:00-12:00 however, they added more medication and around 1:00 I was on “fire” every 40 sec a contraction would start ~ I was asking for pain medication trying to keep it together and around 3:00 am it was time to get the epidural the doctor came in with a huge yawn (“what an idiot in a nice polite way”) The epidural went so very, very BAD!!! The doc put it into my vain or vassal instead of my spine yep so I was starting to pass out they were getting ready for me to have a Cardiac Arrest or have a seizure Blane stayed really calm and thank gosh he did I could since something was wrong but I wasn’t sure what it was around 4am the doctor said we can’t give her another one until 6am I remember her saying that and there was no way our little bundle of joy was going to be in my tummy that long he was going to be delivered. I did ask for more medication because I could feel everything I mean everything! When we were having contractions I remember watching the clock and 30 -45 seconds lasted forever! Before the doctor gave me more meds she said lets check you out and see where you’re at my cervix wasn’t 100 percent so the doc said when you have another contraction I will hold back part of your cervix and lets have this baby. Around 5:00 we were ready to push at 5:05 we started pushing I remember telling my doctors tell me what to do and I will do it! At 5:18 we had him thank gosh, I was done! They put Korbin on my tummy what a beautiful little boy we had made, we are so very lucky! The rest of the day I had the worst headache ever!

Ok if this doesn’t make sense sorry I just did this as quickly as I could have a wonderful day Sunshine’s