Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Still Pregnant!

Yesterday went to the doctor I'm 180 still, lots of contractions and nothing, I'm at 2cm she striped my membranes and nothing YET! I'm still walking as much as I can, keeping my heart rate at 150 not to much over that unless I'm walking up the hill by our house then were hitting 160-170 very slow that means I have to stop to get my breath. (funny)

Were doing the Mini Madison Half Marathon~ http://www.madisonminimarathon.com/
August 29th so I'm trying to follow a plan for that at a really slow.

Yesterday was a 3 mile run it turned into a 3 mile walk today is off and tomorrow is 5 miles so I will do that today just in case I go in (I hope so) I can run/walk it very slow.

I got on my bike yesterday and I couldn't even touch the handle bars it was so funny I guess that's out.

Still doing weights at home and working with the band for swimming.

We will see what September 13th will bring me!

Smart training Sunshine's and have fun while your doing it! :)