Thursday, July 23, 2009

Today was interesting!

Went down to riverside to meet with my dad to do our 4 mile walk; I was feeling great put my running shoes on (I know they still fit) and my GPS were off. I had a few contractions but not to bad this am I didn’t tell my dad I didn’t want him to worry however, we get out to about 1.75 and I said dad do you have your phone on you? He replied yes are you ok? I said yes but we better turn around I’m having some contractions. The contractions were getting stronger and stronger and if you’ve ever had kids you know what I’m talking about ~you get to that point that you think everything’s going to fall out or you’re going to go to the bathroom NOW! I was at that point still trying to keep up with my 12-13 min. walk to get back. This is funny I was at the point where I was walking on my tip toes and back to flat walking and tip toes trying hard not to think of anything but what my dad was saying.

My dad kept talking to me and thank god he was I couldn't even think right! I just kept thinking...."My water hasn't broken", "I know my dad can run and he can run fast", "I know he has his phone on him were going to make it"! But then I starting thinking if he called 911 the La Crosse Fire Dept. would respond and that’s what I didn’t want “””NO WAY”””! Let me clarify (my husband is a La Crosse Fireman and he’s at work!) Plus I would know everyone, I do know I would be in great hands with the Fire Dept but that's not how it should go!

Every few steps dad would say are you ok? Yep! As we got around the corner almost by our cars I was thinking “THANK GOD we made it”! Got into my car headed home the contractions lightened up so I decided to finish my .50 mile and they started again! A friend of Blane’s was outside he said “WOW your due date is today” and I said and it could be today “maybe with all my contractions going on”!

I’ve been having contractions all day and feeling pretty good~ the house is clean~ baby room is ready and Landen goes to his dad’s tonight so I don’t have to worry about him, so we will see what tonight brings.

Happy Training Sunshine’s!