Saturday, January 03, 2009

Little things!

Lisa and I head up to Rochester MN to find Maternity clothing La Crosse doesn't have anything! Our first place Old Navy for their HUGE selection of clothing "NOT" didn't find to much however, I shouldn’t complain I did get two pair of paints and some shirts. We went to TJ Maxx I tried on 9 items and only 1 worked “imagine that”! Then off to the mall but we had to make a stop in to the World Market they have the best Fruit Slices no not real fruit its gummy candies and they are so yummmmmmmmmy. Off to the mall to get something to eat we went to Applebee’s that was ok food. Went to do another form of exercise walk the mall we came up to Motherhood store “thank gosh” found some more goodies, it was so funny the lady that was helping me out was so nice she brought some shirts over for me to look at and man oh man they were UGLY "”in a nice polite way” You should have seen Lisa's face that was Priceless! It was a great day I found some clothes got some exercise sitting in the car working my mouth, walking the mall and trying clothes on hehehhe. When I got home I put all my normal clothes away ~ I put every pair of my size 4 and 6 jeans in first, my shorts, swimming suit, my small bra’s, my running shirts, except my long sleeve they still work and then I put in everything that I wouldn't want to try on and not have it fit.

The biggest mental challenge is!
Even though I have done 5 Ironman, can run forever if I needed to and have done a ton of other physical events because I train for it and I put my mind to it. It is nothing like the mental aspects of pregnancy (where you really can't train for) ~For me and I’m sure for most women is the changes of your body handling the mental aspect of this you know going from 120 to 130’s to 140’s and sometimes it’s doesn’t’ stop there, getting stretch marks, having water retention and not fitting into my clothes and I’m only 10 weeks along. I have to be as positive as I can just like I am with everything else. Even though my body is changing and getting bigger and bigger everywhere and I mean everywhere and when I have one one of those moments “man oh man” I just remember, I have a little baby growing in me and that just changes my whole state of mind! I have forever to get my body back to where it was and I only have 9 months to have this amazing little angle growing in me and it will be with me/us forever!