Tuesday, September 16, 2008

This is funny!

My Brother Ray called me tonight talked to me about Ironman and how I'm feeling I told him Wonderful. Then he proceeded to ask me if I was feeling so good if I wanted to play kickball this weekend at 9:00 am (I guess a girl on their team couldn't play this Saturday so they need a sub.) I told him I would play only if he ran the race with me on Saturday that takes place at 8:00am he asked me "how far is it” and I said 1 mile but as we were talking a little more I said ok I can't lie it's 2.1 miles, I told him I think we can pull off a 7:00 or less min. mile so we can get to the game on time; he said do you want to kill me? But then he said "wait" "I can do that"! "I'm in" Note: My bother hasn't ran for years I mean years 3.1 miles is going to make him want to pick up running again. hehehee
I signed him and myself up, but soon he is going to notice it's a 3.1 mile run (I hope not until we get there) poor little brother Ray is going to sprint like a rocket for 3.1 miles because we need to get to the game on time this is going to be fun!
"Man I love it"! "and I mean that in a nice positive way"!

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