Monday, September 22, 2008

Lisa, Landen, Mariah and I took off after our Kickball event to the Bloomington MN. We knew we had to get a move on it packet pick up was ending at 4:00 and we were leaving at 1:35-45! Lisa is a fast driver ya know 75 -90 hehehe "just kidding" So were almost to Rochester MN and Lisa starts to slow down I'm thinking oh gosh she's getting pulled over but when I looked into the rear view mere I didn't see a cop but I heard Lisa say “we lost a bike”!!!! I thought we lost a bike what and holly %#$% ????? She pulls over we both jump out of the truck and there is my bike on the ground hanging from the bike rack with the Velcro straps on the wheels THANK GOD! I pick it up the seat is bad but good enough to sit on, the right break looks like it was melted down along with the handle bar! "WOWZA" we put it back up tighten everything down and we were off we get to the packet pick up with 8 min. to register that was close! When we get back to the hotel I take my bike off the rack thinking gosh the frame might be cracked or the wheels are going to be bent yada, yada, yada. I jumped on it and it was perfect well except the handle bar and the back break, so we get up to our room I called stairs to get some electrical tape to tape up that bar and break. I was feeling good with my new look of my bike whoooohooo lets rock!

Lisa and I get up at 5:00 am get a little something to eat! Were off – Lisa was under control she was looking great!

We get set up and run to the rest room about 9 times then it’s time to get in line. The duck sound goes off and my age group was off and running, I was feeling good I was trying to keep in control not to fast, not to slow I came into trans. took my long sleeve shirt off and jumped on my red and black extreme heheheee and I was off like a rocket I was feeling great, I wanted to do the bike in 106:00 or less, got off the bike on to the next run holy crud I was ready to puke my heart rate got up to high and I couldn’t get it under control I had to slow down as much has I could but not walk . Now it was I just wanted to finish not puke and get dizzy so that’s what I did.
I waited for Lisa here she comes strong as can be looking great she comes across the finish line with a huge smile.

I gave her a hug and said "Great job, that was awesome"! She finished another goal of her's GREAT JOB LISA!
Take a look at her site she is an inspiration!

This Irongirl was so fun, I can't wait to do this again!

No. 227
Danniela Nichols
Run1 15:08
Tran 1:36
Bike 1:03:55
Tran 1:15
Run2 17:21
Time 1:39:15