Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Some good info. for Ironman

Subject: Training & Ironman tid bits>>>

Well, I can imagine the growing excitement that is beginning to manifest itself as we get into Ironman week. I've already had some calls and e-mails with questions, and encourage more as you make your final preparations before you head down to Madison . A few items to share with you from my experience that may give you some thoughts to consider:

>>1. The long range forecast looks to be great for race day. Watch it daily, as it can and will change!!! 2004 forecast was for the upper 70's, and it got to 90!!! The moral of the story is to
pack for both warm and cold. Toe warmers and arm warmers for the bike are good ideas just in case. And some warm clothes for the pre race during body marking and waiting for the start, again just in case. The low 50's can get you pretty chilled after a couple hours.

>>2. Don't forget reflective tape for your shoes, jersey, and shorts for the run.

>>3. This week’s diet should take on more complex carbos and protein. Fish and Chicken work great, along with the standards like noodles, potatoes, rice, veggies, fruits, bagels, etc. Approx. 75% of your diet should be in the carbohydrate range, and don't worry about the extra pounds that you will put on. They will come in handy on race day, believe me!!!! Hydration is key even if the weather looks cool. Stay well hydrated leading up to race day. Rehearse over and over again, your race day strategy for nutrition and hydration.

>>4. Don't get caught up in the hype in Madison . Get plenty of rest during all the activities that will be going on.

Info. Provided by a friend..