Friday, May 08, 2015

My Escape from Alcatraz TRI!

This was put together fast sorry about spelling and anything else you might find..I'm on a plane.. :) 
"Dream Race Recap"-
Start of the morning was at 3:00 am Bethanne calls me to wish me luck    Which was perfect I couldn't sleep. I get up eat a banana with Pëëps we get ready head out the door at 4:15am off to the race. It was 
Cold out, foggy, and windy walked down found my bike spot set up, headed to the busses to take us on The BOAT it was awesome talking to so many athletes from everywhere, talk to Matt Reedy and Mirinda “rinny” Carfrae  wished them luck as they wished me luck back and off into the boat I went "oh" yea I looked for Andy but no luck. 

As I entered on to the BOAT it was awesome people laying or standing everywhere, I sat as close to the doors well as close as I could lots of athletes wanted off the boat ASAP too. As we were getting closer to Alcatraz the excitement with all of us was loud and crazy..(my type of ride) the National Anthem was sung by everyone (it felt like) and them the pros went it was crazy the boat went up/down 3min. Later the pro women the boat again up/down 
Then us normal extreme crazy athletes turns I was sitting by 3 girls we all gave hugs said have a great race and it was go time ... I dove off the boat (holding on to my goggles) at 7:33 it was AWESOME, the cold, it took my breath away, I swam as hard as I could to get out of the way athletes they were on their way out and I needed to get away from the boat.. .. I breast stroked a few moments to get it together I took in a lot of salt water like crazy (it taste like...) I looked back at the boat and just (lived in moment) and thought that is AWESOME I watching athletes jumping into the water, I also looked at Alcatraz it was just so amazing, as the current was taking me away from the boat..and as was getting it together I started swimming again it was amazing how many times I was slapped in the face by the waves, every time I tried to breath a wave was right there it's for sure a head game, goggles fogged up 3x i had to breast stroked fixed them and off again as I'm getting closer to the dome (a sighting spot) I can see dark spots by me I'm thinking ok that's a huge fish or an athlete I could smell fish and all I kept thinking is the sea lions will not hurt me god I hope not.. LOL.. I have to add you were never drafting off any athletes every time I seen someone the next breath they were 5 waves away from me. Everyone was spread out as I'm getting closer to shore the water is getting colder and all the sudden I'm past my point i need to be at I'm getting closer to the boats that pick you up and I see myself going down the current.. Thankfully I swam as hard as I could and got back into the game.. I'll admit that was HARD and to keep it together (in my head) I get where I needed to be stand up and wowza the world is spinning, I get out of the water look at my watch and it 42:11 I take off running... 

Transition - You had to Run a half mile you could have shoes waiting for you or run without I ran without I was on a mission thankfully I run only on toes. I get to my bike and I'm freezing my legs/arms and hands are purple and pink trying to get my wet suit off was hell...and then try to put my long sleeve shirt as fast as I could was tough my skin is wet my finger and arms didn't work like normal at all, i put on my cycling shoes and run into the bathrooms, I have to go and no way am I peeing on my bike. I get out strap my shoes, grab my bike and start running with it out...

Bike- Get on time to ride, "I feel the need the need for speed" I felt awesome I tried to spin my legs as much as I could to get them warm yea not working. The hills were amazing and fast I loved it, the only bad, bad, bad part is we had to slow down for a major bike accident (it was awful) not a sight you ever want to see...back at it, my sweet hamstring started acting up I push through it changed up muscle groups to peddle.. Note: People didn't understand passing in your left they would ride slowwwwwwwww In front of you it drive me crazy! Everyone was cramped together at points.. I can see why they had a major bike accident. Lots of flat tires (roads were terrible) people's chains were falling off too. Lots of sharp turns on the down hills.

Tradition 2- all you hear is dismount,  dismount I jump off my bike without hitting anyone ran with my bike to the way back went potty again no potties on the course unless you accidentally went running behind something..  running shoes on, hat on run out... 

Run- my feet were still freezing, my first mile was 6:23 second mile was 6:40 and yep my  hamstring is on fire however, then the single stairs came you had to stay in line (athletes were coming on the other side)  so if you were behind someone slow to bad you were staying there. Up down hills rocks, trails, road I took a Selfie at mile 4 a memory of my hamstring killing me... I sent it to the last person who text me and that was Sue. 
Then off to the sand it was heavy sand so you sunk into it so i baby jogged as much as I could (the waves were incredible) I had to take a photo I wasn't going fast at all and then the awesome sand ladder it was amazing however, the mixture of Cytromax, Powergel and Salt Water together was not a good combo -yea as I was halfway up heart rate was sky high and I start puking....and to top it off all over another athletes shoes (i couldn't believe it) I felt so bad he was awesome its ok, no worries, so I took a few photos and on I went,  I picked it up as much as I could got to the top and off running again up a hill not to far I'm puking again i couldn't control it ..good thing this time not on someone shoes.. 
Now I'm back down the single lane stars and someone passed someone and took both of them out that was another bad site.. 
After making sure the two were ok I tried to pick it up as much as I could but with my hamstring I couldn't open up my stride or push it so I told myself "keep the pace, stay in the race" (unless someone with 40-44 on the back of their leg passes me then hell about mile 6.50 I all the sudden start getting "Bethanne syndrome" which is GI issues I keep it steady again there's no bathrooms on the course... I get into the finishers shoot and kept a steady pace (most athletes know the situation I'm talking about) however,  I see I'm under what I wanted for time and I almost break out in a cry I'm so excited.. I finish and had to pose with my Plankstar the medic thought I was crazy... If she only knew :) 
My Dream Race was over it was one amazing event/adventure.
I thank my husband for all his support, Tina,Tim,Tracy and Shelly for taking their vacation times and watching, yelling and cheering me on while I achieve my once in a life time race. I thank all of you for your calls, amazing text messages, fb messages, emails and support. This race was dedicated to so many I thought of everyone in that race.

-I was asked by so many- Would I do this race again? "Heck Yea"...  But when you have a Dream Race and achieve it I need to move on to a new Dream :) 
I'm so blessed in do many ways, now I can't wait to get home to my amazing kids and get back to my amazing job of being a trainer/coach and athlete! 
"Live it. Love it. Be it!" 

 I hope I've inspired you to take a challenge and achieve your dream or I've inspired you to Escape from Alcatraz!! 

 I have to share this a friend sent this: Whether you know it or not~today you will test your own limits! you will inspire someone else! you will win a test of wills between your mind and body! you will prove you could! you will be the reason someone else starts tomorrow, you will gain confidence, you will believe you can do even more.
You will make a positive difference in so many ways when you step to the starting line where only a few truly understand the determination it took to get there. To most people today is just another day. For you, it's a chance to make your mark. 
Amazing and so true!