Sunday, May 31, 2015


Well I've come to my decision, I'm going to achieve one of my goals in October 2015, It's a Bikini Competition. I figured in October that's my 10th year Cancer free so what perfect timing. Plus I've been doing Endurance events for close to 14 years time for a change. I'm going to do the best I can and give 100% to this with no excuses! I have to say because I have older boys with lots of friends I've never really wore a 2 PC because I was always THE MOM... If you know what I mean.. and on top of that wearing heals lol!! So this is going to be a HUGE challenge! It's funny if you asked me to run a marathon tomorrow I would, if you said lets go do an IRONMAN this weekend, I would say I'm in, but if you said lets go to the beach in a two PC swim suit ......mmmmm.... Hell no! So Challenge is on.. 
Note I will be following the Jamie E. Program until my coach tells me different, I know you read that right I'm hiring a Coach and one of the best I have to say!! I know how to train athletes in all Endurance sports however, to do a bikini comp. I have no idea "but I will learn as much as I can and take as many notes as I can"....I will be able to because I will not be riding my bike and running for HOURS.. Which I love to do! 
Here's the one I'm looking at..