Thursday, May 21, 2015

A Dream that is so big it's scary!

Bikini Competition -
Last weekend as I was on FB I seen a friend of mine who has no idea she's inspired me to do what I'm the MOST afraid of! Yep, you read that right I'm afraid of doing something!!! This person is beautiful, inside and out, she quiet and if you met her you would even think she's really shy... However, when I seen what she was able to achieve last weekend I thought if she can do it I can do it.. "Yep Danniela time to Suck it up Sunshine!" I've thought about this in the past however, having Elsie and finally getting into Escape from Alcatraz I put my fears aside and did my normal everyday thing an Endurance event. I teach all of my athletes and others you have to make your goals big enough to scare you, now I'm going to make mine scare me. Swimming with sharks, jumping into yucka water biking for hours and running for hours it just doesn't scare me. 
However, standing infront of judges, in a bikini, putting on 5" heals having my hair done and make up done does!! So my next goal I'm going to achieve is standing in front of judges and others and compete in a Bikini Competition in October. 
On top of that October will be my 10th year anniversary Cancer Free so what a celebration to do something that makes me uncomfortable, and show my beauty inside (personality) and outside (athletic bikini Body soon) 👙👠
So it's in writing "My goal is to compete in a Bikini Competition" and yep, I'm afraid as HELL to do it but that's also what makes it so exciting!!! 😉👙