Sunday, April 22, 2007

What a day this was!

To start out I woke up with a terrible headache, stomachache, runny nose, stuffy and sore muscles that’s it. Today was a very important day for me the Midwest Security 5K race was today, and I wanted to do very well. Last year I won first Cancer Survivor across the finish line and today I wanted to do that again that was my goal. Plus I was going to run with my long, long time friend Jen just a little history on Jen, in school she would go to all my school events and watch me, at the time Jen couldn’t run she was a bigger girl and just felt that she couldn’t, but today Jen has lost over 150 pounds “Yeah” you read that right 150 pounds and she’s running, weight training with me whoohooo and I will be training Jen to do Ironman WI next year with me and a ton of other races..

I got out of bed at 10:00 (not normal for me) race was at 12:00 I talked to Jen a couple times before the race, I knew I was going to race no matter what! Got it together Jen showed up at my house we were off to the race. We watched Landen in the kid’s race walked around talked to some friends and then it was go time.
Then it was go time we were at the start line I asked Jen if she was nervous she said yea! “Which is good because you want to do good then”, I knew she would! Gun went off and we went Ron was pacing me today because I always want to do my first mile in 6:10 something then I die, however Ron kept me in line we were at the 1 mile mark at 6:56 which is good I was feeling great at this point, then mile 2 I was at 14:21, then I had to back it off a little I was feeling my tummy not liking what I was doing! Mile 3 I was at 21: something I finished with a 22:08 I was feeling great! I was 3rd in the over all, First Cancer Survivor, First in my age group and that’s all I wanted was to get the First Survivor.
Now for Jen- She did so very, very, very Awesome! She finished 2nd in our age group and finished in 22: something that is so GREAT! She is going to rock!!!
A huge Thank you to Ron for setting the pace for me in the beginning, I needed it! Ron did really well also he finished 3rd in his age group whoohoo to all of us!

"Remember life is what you make it, you only have one, live it up"! : )