Monday, April 16, 2007


Training this past weekend was great! I have to say I can't get in everything in being a single parent and work gets crazy but thats how it goes! :)

Saturday workout:
run 30, Bike 3.5 hour, run 30 and Rollerblades 15 min. that was it for the day!!

Yesterday we did the Coulee Region Duathlon course that was a great time, Steve (the one I got into the bike accident with last year) rode the course it was a nice ride and we didn't even get into another accident whooohooo! That put closure on that!

About 20 people showed up to do the next run and ride
We ran 3.2 miles then bike the course again, this time it was race pace! I just love riding with guys who ride fast, we finished it in 49 min. however, I did get some Major cramps in my calves and I couldn't Finish the next run.

Today I have to swim 2300 so I will do that nice and easy!

Have a great day stay strong and train smart!