Thursday, April 19, 2007

IM Rookie: Top 10 Tips

1. Your bib number is your LUCKY number. Say it out loud, announce it to the volunteer: “Hey, I got my lucky number.” This is, of course, regardless of the number you got. It is, for that moment, your lucky number.
2. Smile at and thank everyone around you, even the person who is scrambling to find your ‘special needs bag’ for what seems like 5 minutes at the aid station. The positive aura created by your appreciation and heart of gratitude feels great.
3. Listen to all the tips people are giving you. This doesn’t mean you follow the advice. Thank these kind-spirited people. They mean to bring you success and wisdom, or at least, their experience.
4. Feel the energy around you and channel it. Be conscious of your energy. Give it out consciously.
5. Swimming is a contact sport. Be assertive. It is what it is.
6. Weather is weather. Embrace it. It is what it is.
7. Know your plan, execute it, and make adjustments as necessary.
8. Smile. Visualize your hands in the air at the end. You will get there.
9. This is fun! Control your mind.
10. Know what you REALLY want and suddenly, you have it.

All so very true! This doesn't have to be just for Ironman's it can be for any race you are doing!
Achieve your goals put your mind to it and you will achieve it!