Sunday, May 22, 2016

First 99 miles in 6 almost 7 years...

So this morning, I'm getting on my bike to take food to a spot for my 2:20 run today and see this...... How does that work 99.0 right on the dot!?!?! 
So my GPS said 98.6 my bike says 99.0 I'm taking the bike distance. Blane said why didn't you ride the full 100?? I said, I'm saving it for Boulder 🚴🚴🚴🚴🚴🚴
What I ate yesterday on my bike 
Oatmeal in the am 
2 Powerade gels w/caffeine 
2 bottles of Powerade with water 
5 fudge sticks 
10 PC licorice 
Ride experience- Bike chain fell off and jammed really bad thankfully came out (well because I pulled it) my ride was ment to be... I feel amazing... πŸŠπŸš΄πŸ‘Ÿ