Sunday, October 06, 2013

When I started swimming the air temp was 51 and I heard the water temp is low 50's

So today I had 3 challenges~1 to get into my swim suit with an extra 11 mommy pounds on, 2 to get into my wet suit with those extra pounds on yea you can just imagine, and 3 swim 1 1/2 miles in the freezing cold water now, I have to add for the past 4 years my direction has always been on helping people out or my clients out and not swimming or training for myself so this was a huge challenge for me and I accomplished it.

A little bit of fun!
Yep jumping off the toilet to get my swim suit on.
Yep it worked.

Challenge 2 getting my wet suit on..... and yes I had two swim caps

Now swim 1 1/2 and yes the water was so calm and so inviting until I stepped in "OMGOSH WOWZA!" "COLD, COLD!" Then I thought to myself complain isn't going to get me anywhere get going, and I did! I stopped 1 time to fix my goggles and to get my head back into the game. When you don't swim like this for 4 years and your wet suit is a little tight you can get a little anxiety (I"m only human) :)


Swim went great! I swam a little over 1 1/2 in great time my confident level is up "Whoooohoooo"

Yep, this is my next shirt, the next time I have a little fear about something...... I'm putting it on.