Saturday, October 05, 2013

Swimming Starts tomorrow, it's going to be interesting to see where I'm at, I haven't swam in about 4 years....... wow how time goes by. I have to purchase a new swim suit, at this time I would have to jump off the toilet to get into my other ones because of my new mommy hips and belly (however that will change).
I took my body fat% (21%) to see where I'm starting at, tomorrow I will see how long it takes me to swim a 1 1/2, run 10 miles and bike 20.  Yea I know it's over the distance of the race but I wanted to round up. :) 

For my training nutrition will be a big one for me however, I will have peeps, gummy bears and yes licorice (Thank goodness for carbs in them). I will be indoor and outdoor cycling, using my TRX and body weight training (INSANITY Boot Camp Training Style 3days a week) my dreadmill and out side running as much as I can, "OH" and I can't forget about the stairs I will be running them at my Studio and at UWL, I also have a training spot for up hill running but I can't give everything away.... LOL

This year is going to be AMAZING!
This is a Dream race of mine, I told myself I don't want to just finish, I want to kick A**! "In a nice positive way of course!"  :)

                                     "DREAM. BELIEVE. ACHIEVE. ANYTHING!"