Wednesday, August 12, 2009

How has my Ironman training been going? After 16 days after having a baby I feel great
~ I've been running 3 to 5 miles everyday and on my bike about 30 miles everyother day.

Today I road 40 miles if took me 2 hours and 10 min. and that 's with 1 large hill.
I'll start to swim next week I haven't swam for months it should be interesting, I don't even know if my wet suit will fit me yet! It was funny I thought OK I will try my cycling shorts on see if they fit after jumping off the toilet I was able to get them up LOL! "Just Kidding".

I'm still 25 pounds over my normal weight I have to say it's really hard you think ok I've had the baby and now I should be where I was before however, as you all know it's not like that! I just have to keep working at it!

Keep training ~ Keep strong mind and body!

Ironman WI is only 32 day away!