Thursday, March 19, 2009

Yesterday's workout!

Warm up with 2 pilates classes

350 warm up
10 x 25 drills
6 x 100 15 sec rest
200 pull with paddles
10 x 25 kick board
350 cool down I felt great!

Cool down was a very easy run!

I have to add 30 min. of swim time with Landen he is doing so very good at swimming!

Pregnancy update:
My weight has went up to 158 and I can feel the baby moving everyday; Blane and Landen can now feel the baby moving to. I'm feeling really good I workout everyday as you see but my weight still keeps going up we think a lot of it is water weight and with my medication, so very fun!

More on Training:
My Ironman Training starts this month on the 30Th, however I will do the smart thing which is finish my program to my half marathon in April and then go more into my Ironman program.
I've been on my bike 3 times riding about an hour not going as far as I used to because I'm much slower (expected) it's also interesting I can't ride it in a aero position I have to sit up so my heart rate doesn't go up to much. Plus it's funny how many people look at me like what is she doing?? hehehe
Get away from home:
If you live in Winona MN or you live close you need to go to the Big lake there it's all paved and you can go rollerblading on it or run it I was out there with Landen about 8 miles it was so fun!

OK off to work have a wonderful day!