Sunday, March 29, 2009

Training is going fantastic!

Weight is now at 157
~Swimming is going wonderful then only thing is I'm having trouble with the chlorine it just gets me sick to my tummy. I feel faster "I wonder why" however it was funny I'm so used to doing flip turns when I did one the baby kicked like what the heck was that?
~ Running is going very slow it's to a run/walk this next half marathon April 18Th I will be doing 4 min. running and 1 min. of walking. I'm keeping my heart rate at 160-165 BPM that is nothing.
~I've been riding bike outside still I rode 25 miles when it was 39 degrees out and my feet were freezing cold.

"Feeling great getting bigger and bigger everyday"!

Happy Training Everyone!

WI Ironman Training starts Tuesday! Thats 24 weeks out!