Wednesday, March 04, 2009

I started my swim yesterday after trying on almost 15 plus swim suits however, I found a maternity one that was cheep so I got it doesn't look anything like my normal swim suits but it's going to work. I have to add it's so different swimming with a little person in you, kicking, moving around. I swam about 2100 yards with drills and a ton more buoyancy about 21 pounds more. I'm still biking and running trying to keep my heart rate at 160 -165 it is so hard, I have to make sure I don't talk and if you know me that is hard!
My Ironman program starts this month on the 30th back in the grove of things.

It is interesting as much as I work out I still have gained so much however, I always tell myself you don't have a thyroid and that's how it goes!

Ok I have been sick all day today with the flu it's so fun in bed all day! "Whatever it stinks"!

Everyone keep well!