Sunday, April 13, 2008

Yesterday's race...

The first Half Marathon of the year- Oshkosh "man oh man" it was a whopping 32 degrees out, rain, snow and a ton of wind... I must add in our face. We had 3 shirts on, wind jacket, hat, 1 pair of socks and one pair of paints I should have wore 2 my legs were so cold.

The first 3 miles we were at an 8 min mile pace and holding I was feeling great . My tummy wasn't to bad, We saw my mom and step dad at mile 6-7 what an awesome sight that was Jen and I stopped gave them a hug and was on our way! But then at about mile 9 My IT band started to act up I was trying hard not to think about it as much as I did. I had to do that mind over matter and think positive press on 1 mile at a time; by mile 10 I was ready to puke my tummy as acting up and I was in pain. I couldn't lift my leg up or bend my knee at all I was trying to make my left leg pick up all the slack. I thought this sucks keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I knew if I stopped at one more water stop I would be done, I pushed it in to the finish line I didn't have a kick or anything thank gosh I finished!
I wanted Jenn to have a great Half Marathon this was her first.

Place 10 out of 64 my number 489

Nichals, Danniela Onalaska, WI. Age 35 , Mile per hour 08:31 ending time 01:51:40.0