Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hello, Hello everyone!
Here's a little of everything!

"Ok" Surgery was tough! If you think Ironman in tough "man oh man" it's not compared to this surgery! I say that because Ironman is training and a lot of it is determination and mind set....This is just on the couch in bed yada, yada, yada

Monday Morning got up went to the hospital at 5:30 am and was done and in bed by 1:00 pm. The surgery took a tole on me I was in bed Monday- Friday and let me tell you that was really, really fun "yeah right"! My mom came and stayed with me to help out. I had so many of my friends and and family stop by everyday that was great! I thank all of you! However, they seen the Awesome side of Danni the bed head, pj's, me being hunched over and me trying to be as Positive as I could with the situation.

Saturday was my first full day out and about.

I went to the Midwest Security 5K race to cheer my family "The Dales", friends and clients on it was so cool to see everyone cross the finish line. Awesome Job!

Sunday was so very nice out for the runners, I couldn't even get a run or ride bike ride in man did that Stunk! But I did get out and shop but that gets old after a while!

Monday was my first day back to work it was hard, I was working with one of my clients and lifted a little weight then I was lucky to get very dizzy and yuckie so I had to come home and jump into bed, then back to work. It's just amazing how your mind says "You can do it" and your body is saying "No your not"!
But Later
Monday at around 6:30 Landen got his bike out and I got my Rollerblades out I couldn't handle doing nothing any more, I had to find something to do so we went for about a hour. It was so much fun but I did get to bed early I was wiped.

Tuesday - Trying to get back to Ironman training but no running, or swimming yet! But I can do band work for Swimming. Today was a 2 hour spinning class, 1 mile walk around the track and 10 set of UWL stairs and I was done.

I also had my doctors apt. and that went really great! My tummy looks great, no weights, and no ab workout for four weeks! I was also told take your time getting back into your workouts and that's what I'm going to do!

Have a wonderful Day Sunshine's!

Always remember to stay positive everything comes around!