Friday, August 03, 2007

Tips for Hot Weather Training

Drink plenty of water or sports drink to avoid dehydration.

With the sun shining and temperatures rising, many of us are thinking of getting in shape for summer's pleasures. For millions of women, long-distance running or strenuous walking is the key to keeping fit.
But before you lace up the sneaks and hit the hot pavement, here are a few tips:

Make your Feet Happy... Buy correct-fitting workout shoes and proper socks. Pay attention to not only the length of your foot but also the height of your arch and your pronation--the amount you tend to roll your foot inward. Also, because your feet swell during a workout, try on shoes after a workout or later in the day to get an accurate fit. Many athletes wear a running shoe that is at least half a size larger than their dress shoe size.
If you are participating in a marathon or other event, break-in your new shoes at least three to four weeks before the event. Unless your like me and I break them that day oh wait I wear them the day before the event! opps!!

Stretch -Not stretching properly before running, walking or biking is one of the surest ways to cause injury. Always stretch slowly and without bouncing; ease your body into the stretch. Hold the stretch until it gradually becomes more comfortable. Get to know your specific muscle groups and pay close attention to problematic ones when stretching. View some helpful stretches here.

Respect the Heat Choose the cooler times of day to exercise outside and wear light, loose-fitting clothing. Early in the morning or late in the day, just before dusk, are good times to get outside. Or, choose a shady course, out of the sun, if you must practice in the middle of the day.

Avoid Dehydration Learn to drink water or reputable sports drinks--but be careful not to over-hydrate. Replenish fluids according to your sweat rate and drink six to eight ounces of a sports drink or water at least every two hours throughout the day to prevent dehydration.