Monday, July 09, 2007

What have I been doing?

This is a quick run down of what has been going on in my little life of fun!

I have another sponcer

Training with Jen in open water swim, this is Jen first time wearing a wet suit! Doesn't see look like she's having fun!

Watching the Tour whooohoooo this is great!

This is Landen doing flips at river fest just like his mom! Go Landen GO!

Landen waiting in line!

Landen and Blane playing Star wars in the yard! Landen as you can see is confident with one sword. Where Blane has to have 2 to defend himself against "The Great Landen"!

Landen playing baseball! I can't miss out on this stuff!

Training wise is going great!

Todd and I did the Time Trial that was fun! If you ever have the chance to do one get out and do it.

Swimming has been great I really don't have to much time so I just go out and swim 1 to 2 miles as much as I can. I know now we will not be able to use our wetsuits for Kentucky Ironman so I better start swimming without one!

Biking all the time I love it. This past Saturday was my long ride I did 102 miles I got really, really sick at mile 80 puking and everything so very fun. However I am getting used to just turn your head and puke and keep pedaling.

Now for my running "Oh crud" RUNNING! "OK" I haven't been good with this but I did start as of to day I ran 1-1/2 hours and ran stairs at UWL that was so very fun so running is starting up again. Know I'm not counting the running I do at 4:30 am.

What is Danni doing..

Living Life, Ironman Training, Training others to be the best they can be, Teaching, Coaching, Friends and having a Ton of fun! But not for getting the most important things in life My boys I'm so very lucky!
Remember: "You only have ONE Life so Live it up"!