Friday, July 27, 2007

A few photo's of Last weekends Racine's 1/2 Ironman so very fun! I was feeling great!

Racine was really fun! I will be doing this event every year! I was in wave 4 the water temp. was cold, not to wavy be don't get me wrong it had waves. My swim went great - I even stopped to helped someone stop panicking, I finely got him back into reality and he went to a life guard. "Thank God" When I was finished I looked at my watch and it was 38 min. great job I said to my self. Jenni was sitting at the top yelling my name go danni go I was great! Jenni met me by my bike she was talking to me the whole time. Then it was good luck as I went off up the hill.
My bike was fast and fun.. It was my first time trying out my new product Accelerade it tasted great, I felt stronger. I really think it helped me out a ton. However I did get pulled over by the medic motorcycle they caught me puking on the bike and they asked me if I need medical attention I said "no" they still held me for 3 min. That sucked- I had passed over 48 women and when your sitting there for 3 min. some of those women pass you back YUCK!
My run I was feeling great the first 6 miles but then it started -tummy problems... I was running for every potty It wasn't for every mile it was for the potties.. I could I had to stop 4 times YUCK! so after that it became a walk/run.
But I felt great when I was done! I had taken 22 min. off my time and I recover really, really well and I didn't feel to much pain anywhere. I think that was great training and the Accelerade I will be using that again at my next Half Ironman.
Swim time with running up a sand hill 40:51- Bike time this is a really flat course 02:41:36
run time 02:21:05 Finishing time 5:46:43
Live it up! You only have one life to live!
A Huge thanks to Jenni for being my support and this Half Ironman! It' s a long day for her also!