Monday, July 30, 2007

Chisago Lakes Triathlon

Ok this Half Ironman was Amazing! Would I ever do it again NO WAY!

Good things about the Half Ironman
1. Well organized for it's second Year
2. People put out sprinklers for you to cool off with
3. Swim was out and back
4. The bike was one huge loop
5. The run was an out and back
6. I have to think hard for anymore

Bad things:
1.Not enough bathrooms- none on the bike and 1 on the run (you look for those things when you've had that problem before)
2. We stayed at a hotel that reminded me of a scary movie I couldn't sleep. I know that has nothing to do with the tri but I had to put that in...
3. The Swim- people coming back would hit you as you were going out
4. Then bike- the roads were so very, very, very bad tons of cracks, bumps and holes my neck hurts for being in an aero position and going over Crappy roads!!!
5. Run 1 bathroom at mile 4 and that was that!
6. The Transition area was crammed major, the ground was full of sticks and rocks and yada, yada!!!

But again I have to tell you I used Gu and Accelerade on my bike and run I feel great today, I'm not sore anywhere except my neck..

I do have to say I need to work on my run, I feel great in my swim 36:18 min. and bike 2:42.13 and that's with some great hills on it- but my run is TERRIBLE 2:18:12 I did have a bad headache and tummy ache so it's not that bad.

I did finish this half at 5:39:45 that is my fastest Half Ironman so far..