Monday, June 18, 2007

Training with my 2 Best Friends -Beth my sis. and Jen my long time friend for their first triathlon

Beth is doing great on her biking we road 25 miles yesterday! She also did her first open water swim yesterday, she was like a rocket she swam her first 1/4 mile in 11:29 her second 1/4 mile was in 9:48 and she wasn't wearing a wet suit she did AWESOME!
Tonight's workout was running so Beth, Jenni and I went for a run. Just a little extra info...Jenni is recovering from her last surgery she's 6 weeks out and Beth hasn't run more then 1 mile without stopping for a long, long, long time however, tonight they both did great. We did 2.5 miles and they didn't even stop it was so very cool.

Also remember these girls have only been training maybe 2 to 3 weeks...

They are going to do great this weekend!

"Be positive and everything will go your way, it might take time however, we all have a ton of time"

Keep Training!