Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Wow I couldn't get into my site!

I'm back at it! I could get in to my site for the past few days!

The Ironman indoors is going great! I've been done with my first indoor Ironman distance on Saturday! I had to run 18 miles on the Treadmill on Saturday and I will say I will never do that again! My legs were on fire on Monday. I had toooooooo!!! My biking was all done in Spinning classes and on the recumbent bike and did that STINKS that will not happen again! This Second Ironman will be split up I will be doing miles on my bike at home and my Spinning class. I will for sure mix up my running.
However I have to watch it this is not good training for the real thing in August however it is one H*ll of a base.

My Second Ironman so far is
Swimming = will be done tomorrow
Biking = 66 miles
Running = a huge 6 miles and I will do some tomorrow :)

"You only live once live it up"!