Monday, February 19, 2007

I feel so good I have to share this!

Last year at thi!s time I was able to start some Ironman training which was 5 min. on my bike then getting off and crying because I would get dizzy or would be tired, then maybe run a half of a mile, swim yea we don't want to go there!!! I weighted 138 and my body fat% was 29 to 32 percent... "WOWZA" that sucked in a "Nice positive way"! This year my goal is to do the best I can, I have no health issues "YET"! and I better not, I feel great and I am ready to tear it up.

So tonight I did a body assessment with calipers and weighed myself on the Y scale. My weight was 127.4 and my body fat % was 16.4 "HOLLY CRUD"! I have been working so hard at this so when I saw that I almost cried "I'm such a yahoo" so I came home and got on my Ironman Tanita scale and it was so very close.... I was so very happy!

**Remember never give up on any goal, it will come it just takes time and hard work; we all have the time, and we all can put in the hard work!