Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Start for the Lace up for Breast Cancer Feb. 13 Half
This week schedule is

Monday~ Cycling

Tuesday~ 5 Easy

Wednesday ~2 mile easy run with Pilates/weights

Thursday~ Pilates and 5 Temp run

Friday~ Pilates with weights and 5 Easy run

Saturday ~3 mile run Turkey Trot fun run with my friends and Family!

Sunday~ 8 long run

So far I have put on 10 pounds prego weight! It's amazing there some people that don't gain and they don't workout and there's some people like myself that works out and still gains weight! I'm a lucky person :) LOL
But my running clothes still fit thank gosh they stretch!
"Stay positive, train right, eat right and you will feel a ton better" Give it a shot!!!