Monday, December 15, 2008

I can't believe this puking, dizziness, feeling yucky, tummy aches, headache's and yada, yada, yada women doesn't that make you want to have a baby? "Just Kidding"! It will soon be over I hope!

Today was 30 min. on the elliptical then I on to my bike trainer for a little bit! Dan had to change my handle bars, my breaks and little things here and there because it fell off the truck back in September and dragged on the interstate for a short bit, however the feel on the bike is so different now I have to get used to it! I would advise everyone to double check your bike before you go on a road trip or $170.00 later you will have new handle bars and breaks and yada, yada yada a different fit that you have to get used to. However I think that gives me another challenge to suck it up and ride it could be worse I might not have a bike to ride.

Tomorrow I start my weights for Ironman 2009 the Base period.
45 min. Spinning

Have an awesome night!

Something to think about~ Follow your heart, never surrender your dreams. Constantly work towards your goals. Believe in yourself, and always be truthful.