Sunday, September 16, 2007

Volunteering at Ironman WI 2007

This was so fun if you ever have the chance to volunteer at an Ironman you have to. It was great to be on the other side and see how things are run..

Photo's of the swim:

photo of the Swim to bike:

Photo of the bike to the run and the start of the run

Jenni and I waisting time while we wait for our time to Volunteer...

Jenni and I were at the finish line all night long we started at 7:45 and we put metals on until 12:00 am. It was great to put them on Ironman athletes we seen happy, crying and deer in head light faces! Ron, Tracie and Dan were catchers they did a great job they also seen athletes that were sweating, cold, read to puke, and ready to pass out they help them get to their family's or to the medic tent.. Great job guys!
The best part was putting metals around people we knew! If was great we waited and waited and waited and when you heard their names being called out we got ready to put their metals on them it was Amazing!!!!! We were part of their finish! Another Part of Ironman 2007 was watching Frank finish Ironman if you don't know frank read here..
This was amazing he didn't finish Ironman 2005 and 2006 however he finished 2007. They asked me if I would put the metal on him I said no I think that Mike the announcer should, but then his wife came down with two huge, HUGE MEN! and I said I think his wife should put on his metal they agreed the crowed was wild Frank came around the corner and we all yelled Frank, Frank and we all cried.. He was the last athlete to finish 2007 Ironman WI we counted down the time with him under the clock and it was unbelievable! WHOOOHOOO Frank Here is a photo of Frank starting his Marathon.