Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Ironman Kentucky Photo's

This was a Time Trial Start we jumped off the dock and we started our 2.4 mile Swim so much fun!

This was a great finish!
The Bike was even better the more hills the better!

The run wasn't bad at all it was a two loop and mostly flats!

Landen and I coming in for the finish 12:58:51, Just what I wanted! Tyler couldn't make it he had to work! DARN!!

My finishing Photo with my little Buddy!

This is Peter Hennaing I spent a lot of time with him he did most of my interviews- What a great guy! He had lost his wife to cancer..

Andy, (which you can't see), Jeff, Michael and I at the Press Conference this was amazing just like you see it on TV... People asking you the question and you trying to keep it together.

Another great guy! Keven he was the lucky one to interview me first... Keven is also the one you sent your awesome e-mails to thanks again!

Out of the car and to an interview and this is what I was wearing what a YAHOOOOOOOO!