Thursday, March 29, 2012

Coming back with a new Challenge.....
I've done Ironman's, all kinds of Tri distances, Marathons, Half Marathons, Obstacle Course races time for a BIGGER challenge for me.....

I'm looking at doing a few fitness modeling, fitness competitions "Yep", you read that right.....
The best part about this is I have never wore a two pc. in front of anyone "wait" yes I have in the back yard now my yard is fenced
I'm thinking this will be the biggest Challenge only because of the nutrition, eating more protein and not carbs is going to be extremely different.

I will not post photos however, I will give out my measurements and my body fat % when I get to where I would like to be then I'll post before and after photos....
As of March 3/17
C- 34
W- 30
H- 35
RL- 22.25
B- 11-1/2
BF% 18

Basic Simple today!